Terms and Conditions

This is the place where you can read and access ourĀ full list of Terms and Conditions at any given time. These terms are an agreement between you (the client) and The Carpet Steamers of East London (the service provider). They thoroughly outline, describe and specify in detail the obligations, rights and responsibilities of the two parties.

By using our services or by requesting a quote from the company, you show that you fully accept the above-listed Terms and Conditions. Therefore, it is highly important that you understand this entire agreement. If you find these terms ambiguous or unclear, get in touch with us via phone or email. Our courteous and attentive consultants will answer all of your questions and explain every part of these Terms and Conditions to you.

Please, do take into consideration the fact that this agreement is subject to change. Current and future customers can keep themselves posted on any changes and updates regarding these terms through our official website. This is why we now remind you to review the agreement every time before you use our licensed carpet cleaning services in East London to check if there have been any changes.