Welcome to our prices page! Here you can see the current prices not only of our secure carpet cleaning solutions but to all of our professional cleaning services in East London. If you don’t want any surprises in the end, you should always stop by here right before you book us. We, from The Carpet Steamers of East London, reserve our right to change these prices. However, we will post all updates on the company’s pricing on our website to give you a heads up. What you should know, is that we are doing our best to offer you the best value rates possible. Therefore, most of our price changes aim to achieve namely that.

To ensure that our all-round cleaning services in East London are accessible for a greater number of people, we have a fair pricing policy. We condemn hidden fees, surcharges and rip-offs. So, these are things our customers never have to worry about. Instead, we have learnt to work in a time-efficient and cost-effective way – a business strategy that helps us maintain our prices at a competitive level. Regardless of whether you are a private or a commercial client, you will appreciate our reasonable pricing.